Tips to Extend Your Android Phone’s Battery Life?

The battery part is the most trending feature or upgrade of current and upcoming smartphones. The biggest competition in 2024 between smartphone manufacturers is upgrading the biggest or long-lasting battery in their smartphones.

Yes! if you are a fan of Samsung or Xiaomi then definitely you would have seen their recent release of Samsung Galaxy M34s and Redmi Note 12 pro where Samsung released their first smartphone with a 6000mah battery promising that lasts for 2 days on screen, and at the same time, Xiaomi released a Redmi Note 12 pro with 5020mah battery promising 20.5 days standby, and both with fast charging support.

This major upgrade in smartphones is because of the decrease in battery life or not lasting for a long time.

When the specifications of smartphones increase, for example – storage, RAM, camera, processor, and design then definitely there should be battery up-gradation for better performance, this is how the users think about the changes of upcoming or newly released smartphones.

But the fact is, to get more hours of battery life in your phone just upgrading to the biggest battery is not only enough for pro, leaving this, but the processor also matters a lot, and moreover, it depends on the user’s maintenance of the phone.

If you see the latest iPhone 15 pro max it doesn’t have the biggest battery like Samsung or Xiaomi of 6000 or 5000 mah but still, it gives you 12 hours on screen after you charge it fully,

How that’s possible? Apple instead of upgrading the battery just focused on upgrading the good processor or IOS that’s enough to increase the battery life and lasts for a long time after you charge.

Today am gonna reveal some of the simple tips that help you to boost your battery life in smartphones even without any biggest battery upgrade or without changing your smartphone.

Here are the 5 best tips to extend your Android Phone’s battery life:

1. Free up Internal Storage

The main reason for smartphones to get the hang of frequently or the battery dies fast is because of less or storage is full.

Because of today’s digital world, it is impossible to keep fewer files on your smartphones, in some situations it is necessary to have a bigger size or more files in your smartphone which is most important for your purpose of work or personal.

But still, if you are worried that it is impossible to free up your internal storage then you can try exporting your important files to external storage without deleting anything, by doing this you can view your files and even you can increase the internal storage by moving files to an SD card.

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2. Don’t Charge Your Phone for a long time

Usually after finishing your work end of the day while returning to your home from the office your phone’s battery will be almost prompting as less or dead.

So after reaching your home if you plug into charge and sometimes if you fall asleep without unplugging your phone it will be plugged into charge for almost a full night or very long hours.

The practice of charging your smartphone at night and unplugging it in the morning might be time-saving for you to avoid your phone being charged in the morning while moving to the office. But if your phone is brand new then you won’t find the complications of your battery issues instantly, later on, you will notice your battery dying fast or decreasing the battery’s life very soon.

So how to avoid these problems? and however, you even want to save your time by avoiding plugging in to charge your phone in the morning.

The best solutions for these problems are –

  • You can charge your phone as usual at night but instead of charging your phone with a standard adapter try to charge your phone with a lesser or 5 watts adapter so that it charges very slowly and it takes almost a whole night to charge it fully, so by the time in the morning if you wake up your phone’s battery will be almost full.
  • Try to balance your phone’s charge, just charge your phone at night for 50% and then again charge the rest 50% in the morning.
  • If you are not still satisfied with the above two solutions then finally try purchasing a smart wifi adapter and plug it into the socket and then plug your phone’s charger to charge your phone, the biggest advantage of charging your phone with wifi smart adapter is you can set timeout to the adapter for 2 or 3 hours so after that time completes it just automatically phone’s charging gets disconnected or turned off.

3. Disable Fast Charging

The majority of smartphones are never been manufactured without fast charging support, On one side fast charging support is the biggest advantage or plus point for the users which helps in saving time for carrying your phones for a long time.

But on the other side, the many research data says that fast charging affects the phone’s battery life span, usually, the phone’s battery lasts for 3 or 5 years after the warranty but if the maintenance is good even your phone’s battery is capable to last for 10 years or more.

However, lasting for a long time and increasing battery life span depends on the main factor i.e., Avoiding charging your phone for a long time and disabling fast charging.

Many readers will be still confused about how fast charging affects battery life. If so then why did the developers add that feature inside the phone?

Almost every smartphone nowadays comes with the fast charging feature, normally there won’t be any issues with using fast charging support, but still, slowly this feature kills your battery life.

Because while you enable fast charging usually it passes the electric current more efficiently which is nothing but the more pressure is given to the battery to charge quickly so that time the battery temperature will be higher than normal and produces more heat, this way your battery life span starts decreasing slowly.

To avoid these problems in the future many smartphone brands like Samsung have been given the option to disable fast charging, If your smartphone has that option then disable fast charging in many situations when it is not necessary. Try enabling a fast charging option only when it is necessary for certain conditions like lack of time.

If your phone doesn’t have that feature of disabling by default then charge your phone with a less or 5-watt adapter so automatically it disables fast charging if you use a less-watt adapter or power bank.

4. Disable Haptic Feedback

What is haptic feedback? Haptic feedback is nothing but the vibration that you get while you type on the smartphone keypad or keyboard.

More than the swipe and scroll the touch interaction that is typing will be more common in smartphones while chatting, messaging, browsing, etc.

Many users like this haptic feedback without the sense of vibration while typing they just don’t move on further which is very common, but the serious thing is that every time your phone vibrates while you type it just reduces your battery life or consumes more battery.

If you do chatting and typing as the main task on your phone then disabling haptic feedback really helps in saving more battery in your smartphone. To get the sense or feel that you are typing instead of haptic feedback you can enable sound while you type which doesn’t consume less battery.

5. Close Background Apps & Turn off Location

Without our knowledge many times we just leave the apps to remain active which will be running in the background and increase battery usage unnecessarily, so every time it is necessary to make sure that all the background apps are closed properly before we press the power button and go to sleep.

Sometimes even after closing the background apps completely, some apps will never stop consuming battery, so in that case, you can go directly to that app info and then you find the option Force stop by clicking that the application stops running in the background.

Normally leaving apps in the background doesn’t consume more battery but there are some apps like Maps, Uber, and Ola that will be enabled with the location turned on by default and those apps just make your battery die fast.

If you are in the home and in places or certain conditions where location or GPS is not necessary, try to disable or turn off location, The biggest advantage of disabling location or GPS is seriously you will save more battery and it lasts for a long time for other usages.