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Hello Players,

You are aware that Chess is among the oldest games of strategy around the world. Chess is a fantastic board game of logic that develops strategies, strategy, and visual memory.
I’m currently trying to develop an application that will allow anyone of any level to play the game with enjoyment.

Play Chess Learn levels, unlock levels, and become a Chess Master!

Chess pieces:

The pawn shifts to one field in front or two fields upon the beginning in this figure. It then it beats diagonally, to just one field in front.

The king can move into one field, whether vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

The queen can move at any angle, whether in any direction, whether horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

The rook can move to any distance horizontally or vertically.

The knight is moved to the field and there are two fields along the vertical, and one horizontally or one vertical field and two horizontally.

The bishop can move to the distance of any diagonal.

Important Chess scenarios:

Check out the situation in chess where the king is immediately under attack by pieces of an opponent.
Checkmate is the state in chess, where the player who will move a check and is unable to make a legal move to get out of the check.
Stalemate is the state in chess where the player on whose turn it is to make a move, has no legal option and is in control. (draw)

The aim in the game is defeat the other king.

Two distinct actions in Chess:

The double action, executed by the king as well as the rook, who has did not move.
“En passant,” is an strategy that allows a pawn to be pawned by an opponent when it leaps over a field beneath the blow of the pawn.

Chess Game Features:

– 10 levels of challenge
– Chess Puzzles
– Game Assistant (Helper)
– Ability to undo the action
– Hints of movements
– Stars awarded for level completion without an undo button
– Seven themes
– Two views of the board (Vertical 2D and Horizontal 3D)
– Alternate mode
– 2-player mode
– Realistic graphics
– Save function
– Sound effects
– Small size

If you are looking to be a good player at Chess and improve your game, you can assist me improve the application.
Write your comments and suggestions here. I’ll take them into consideration and make improvements to the application!

Thank you players.

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