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Oreo TV is a free Android application that helps you to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, Live TV, and much more for absolutely free of cost without upgrading to any premium subscription.

The most popular Oreo TV app gives you unlimited entertainment where you can enjoy watching the latest content at any time and anywhere on your phone, all you need is an internet mobile data connection or WiFi. Along with movies and TV shows you can also enjoy watching in Oreo TV APK IPL exclusively for free.

Oreo TV download makes your Android phone experience more premium where you get all premium top OTT subscriptions like ZEE5, Sun NXT, Hotstar, Sony LIV, Voot, Eros Now, Hungama, etc includes all in one app in Oreo TV for completely free.

How to Download and Install Oreo TV APK on Phone?

Downloading and Installing Oreo TV APK is very simple, just follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: The Oreo TV app is officially not available in the Google Play Store, you can download the latest version of the app easily from our website ‘App Unload’.

Step 2: Go to our website App Unload and search for ‘Oreo TV’ and tap on it to open it and then just click on the download button and you will be redirected to the download links page to download the APK file, where you can just click on Download APK button to get the file downloaded automatically.

Step 3: Once the Oreo TV APK download is done successfully, now open the downloaded file and click on it to install the application on your phone. Before installing the APK file make sure you have enabled the “Install the app from unknown sources” option in your phone settings.

Step 4: After the app is installed successfully, now open the installed Oreo TV app on your phone and start to enjoy watching or streaming your favorite content anytime instantly.

Features of Oreo TV APK:

1. Unlimited Movies

If you are the biggest fan of watching movies regularly, then Oreo TV is the best app that helps you to watch your favorite movies anywhere and anytime for completely free. When it comes to watching your most favorite movies on the Internet there is always limited content available to watch absolutely for free. So however to watch all your favorite old or latest movies you have to get subscribed to paid or premium platforms.

By installing Oreo TV APK you can always be free from paying to each streaming provider and all you need is only the fastest internet connection to watch any movies from any language. Not one or two OTT networks inside the app you can find a huge number of service providers available entirely for free and it is also available all in one app.

Here is the complete list of Premium OTT service providers available for free after Oreo TV download:

MX MOVIES – If you are a regular user of the MXPlayer application then you never get bored of watching the biggest collection of MXPlayer movies. Now watch MXPlayer movies inside the Oreo TV app in all 10 languages without even opening the MXPlayer app.

HOTSTAR Movies – Now watch the Disney+ Hotstar newly released movies without subscribing to a VIP premium plan. You can watch any category or any language movie without any limits which are available in up to 8 languages and 1000+ movies for free.

JioCinema Movies – Watch more than 3000+ movies in more than 10 languages. You can watch for free even if you don’t use the Jio network or without even upgrading your recharge plan.

Zee5 Movies – Watch the daily updated latest movies on the Zee network, where you can watch 1000+ movies for free without buying any premium subscription plan.

SonyLiv Movies – If you love to watch the most popular movies then SonyLive has a huge collection of blockbuster movies that has more than 1000+ movies.

Aha Movies – Aha is the most trending network in the current situation, even though it has a smaller collection of movies, but still, you never miss watching some of the new trending movies, inside the app 100+ movies are available to watch for free.

Aha Kids – If you are a fan of watching always animated kid movies like Chhota Bheem then Aha Kids has a 100+ collection of kids-related movies that can be watched completely for free.

ETV WIN MOVIES – With ETV WIN you can watch your all-time favorite specific old and new Telugu movies. Not only from the Telugu language you can watch approximately from more than 10+ languages.

Voot MOVIES – There are more fans for the Voot network whereas the Voot network recently came into the market specifically to stream the South Indian content but unexpectedly their list of content collection got increased to huge within a short period. You can watch 500+ movies for free.

Hungama MOVIES – Undoubtedly Hungama network is the most popular one which has been seen in the market for many years. They have the biggest list of collections from evergreen to the latest content, they have 3000+ movies are also available in more than 10+ languages.

4K HD – Inside the app, you can notice something called 4K HD which is nothing but a collection of 4K movies specially designed and listed the category for the audience who love to watch the movies in 4K format.

Documentary NEW – Documentary is nothing but the genre of content where there are huge audiences who always love to watch the content specifically the documentary-based. In this category, you can watch all-new documentary content without getting troubled to search with all 10+ languages.

Eros Now MOVIES – If you love watching all your favorite movies in one place then Eros Now the network is the only platform where you can watch any kind of movie whether it is old or new instantly with their biggest list of collections. Not only the Indian movies the network has even an amazing list of different category Hollywood movies. In India Eros Now is best known for watching evergreen popular Indian content.

Shemaroo Movies – If you are the biggest fan of watching only Bollywood Movies then Shemaroo is the best platform to watch all your favorite Hindi evergreen movies completely for free. Shemaroo gets updated regularly with all the old and new Hindi, Gujarati, and other languages of North Indian movies.

Hoichoi Movies – Now watch all your favorite Bengali language movies in one place. Hoichoi streaming network is the only platform where you can watch all your favorite content in the language of Bengali. In Hoichoi you don’t get only the list of movies, you also get the popular list of shows that can be watched in the Bengali language.


Now watching Live TV has become much easier and cost-free using the Oreo TV app. Using this application you can just watch all your favorite regular Live TV channels, even more, simple and easier without spending any kind of premium subscription charges.

No matter what channel you watch or which language you prefer whether it is in the same streaming network or another different network. With the Oreo app, you get all your preferred channels in one place to watch anytime using your smartphone or casting to your smart TV.

Here is the complete list of streaming networks that are available inside the app:

Jolly TV – While opening the app, firstly in the list of Live TV networks you will find this network named Jolly TV & Live catchup. This network allows you to watch the most unhidden premium channels which are available in almost 16 languages and also it contains 10 categories of a watch list to make your content stream more easily.

Airtel TV – When it comes to watching Live TV on mobile the first biggest OTT network that comes to mind is none other than Airtel TV. This biggest network includes almost all the Live TV channels in one platform with the best user experience in that the user never gets the second thought of subscribing to other streaming networks.

Star Premium – When it comes to watching the most popular live TV content then Star Network is the only network that provides more interesting shows in multiple languages. And especially if you love watching sports & serials then Star Premium is the only choice. Not just one or two channels, you can watch complete Star Premium Live TV channels inside the Oreo TV app.

Apple TV – Unlike the trending streaming networks many people love Apple Products specifically its OTT platform such as Apple TV. This Apple TV network is the most premium & expensive platform compared to other networks however streaming this Apple TV is now just free inside the app.

Unicorn TV – If you’re an American then you will never ignore your day without watching ‘The Unicorn TV series’. Now watch this famous TV series without spending your money.

Zee TV Fast – In Zee TV fast you can watch the complete Zee TV channels as fast as without having any loading issues.

MX TV Fast – Now watch your most favorite or complete MX TV programs without facing a buffering issue.

Halow TV – Get ready to stream the Halow TV live videos or your most specific content on time just right on your mobile.

Zee TV Medium – If you love streaming-only Zee TV channels and if you have a very poor internet network or are just worried about less mobile data then Zee TV medium helps you to watch your shows all in less data and helps you to save your data without getting consumed more. If you want to watch without reducing the clarity then you can switch easily to Zee TV fast.

MX TV Medium – MX TV Medium is almost similar to the Zee TV Medium where you can watch your MX TV content all in less data consumption and better viewing clarity.

Lavrock – Lavrock is another option included in the app, especially for people who are addicted to watching the content of Lavrock.

Jaguar TV – For the people who always like to stay updated about the businesses then they never stay without streaming the Jaguar TV not only for entertainment even you can always stay updated for the business-related content simultaneously all in one tap.

Hoola TV – Not only just local channels now you can watch even the international UK TV channels that are mostly included in Hoola TV and all of it’s free to watch.

Samsung TV – If you are using Samsung TV products to watch your favorite entertainment then probably you would have noticed some of its special live channels recommendations and pre-built-in service included in the product of Samsung TV only for Samsung consumers. No matter what product you use, using this app now easily get connected to this Samsung TV and stream all the hidden channels completely free.

Swift TV – Not only with popular networks even using this Swift TV you can watch multiple live TV channels that are included in its premium pack list and you stream it free of cost.

Requested – This is one of the amazing options included in the app suppose if you are missing any of your favorite live TV channels or any of your favorite OTT network platforms then just make a request from their contact support and those services that you requested will be visible in this place.

3. Favourites

As mentioned above inside the Oreo TV app there are a large number of collections sometimes it is very difficult to find your favorite content especially if you are looking into some of the specific TV shows, Movies, Serials, Live TV channels, or any other programs.

To make this easy to find inside the Oreo TV app you will find one of the super features at the bottom named ‘Favorites’ where all your favorite content can be easily found & stored inside this option called ‘Favourites’.

To store some of your most watchable favorite movies, shows, and channels inside this option then while just watching or streaming any of the content inside the app just mark it as Favourite by tapping a heart icon and it’s all done. And then later whenever you open the application you can easily find your favorite list just by tapping the ‘Favourites’ button.

4. Offline Downloads

Offline Downloads this is one of the best features that Oreo TV APK has, where you can easily watch your media content offline. Many people just love this option especially if they love watching movies.

No matter what movie or series you watch just while watching click on download and automatically it gets downloaded to the storage of your phone and it will be completely available offline to watch whenever you want.

Once if you have downloaded the media just go to ‘Offline Downloads’ by opening the left-side menu and you can see the list of your downloads. This is one of the best options to save unnecessary mobile data consumption. Oreo TV APK not only gives you the option of watching the latest movies but also you can watch offline without mobile data or WiFi.

5. Network Stream

The network stream is another amazing option available in the Oreo app where you can just paste some of the website links, particularly on which you wish to stream.

This feature helps many people who wish to watch some media content on some specific website and those site admins have locked their content or it is unable to watch or download. So in that condition, this option helps a lot to many users.

To stream those media on the Oreo TV app just open the Network Stream option in the menus and then it will ask you to enter some details to stream it for free. Just paste your site link on which the media is available and you wish to stream and then enter other information about the site such as the User-agent, Cookie Value, Referer value, and DRM Licence (optional).

Once if you have entered all the above details you can just click on the button ‘Click To Play Here’ and automatically the available media on the site will start to stream & play.

6. Live Chat

If you find any errors inside the Oreo TV app or if you like to make any feature request to the coming updates or if you have any other doubts to submit then you can easily contact or chat with the developer of Oreo TV via Telegram by tapping the Live Chat option.

7. Player Tips

After the Oreo TV APK download, then after the installation, while opening the app if you find any difficulty while watching the media on how to control the player without any interruption such as increasing or reducing the volume or brightness. Then you can easily get those tips by tapping the ‘Player Tips’ option in the menu. It will give you a clear understanding of how to control the player.

8. Dark Mode

If you love watching movies at night then enabling this dark mode option just makes you view your app even more comfortable by displaying a neat black user interface without eye strain. Dark Mode is the most excellent feature loved by many users.

9. PIP Mode

If you love watching media content by doing multiple tasks on the phone then definitely you need to enable the ‘PIP Mode’ option. By activating the ‘PIP Mode’ you can easily watch your movie or shows in the background by minimizing the player.

Even though you have minimized the app the ‘PIP Mode’ gives you the power to watch the content by using other apps where you can watch the movie on the small minimized screen that can be dragged wherever you want on your phone’s display.

9. FAQ List

Do you have any questions about this Oreo TV app how to use or update it or anything else? Then just open this FAQ list option in the menu and you will find a big list of frequently asked questions and also the solution for those questions which helps you to understand the app better.

10. Share the App with Friends

Want to share any Movie or Serial or Live TV or IPL or any other shows? Then easily share the Oreo TV app with your friends & family just by tapping the ‘Share App with Friends’ option in the left side menu. You can also use an app like EasyShare for sharing additional applications.

11. Smart Search

Are you tired of finding the results of your content in your native language? Then there is the smart search option available inside the app, just tap on the search bar on the top and select the category on which you are looking and also you can select the language according to the selected category.

FAQ of Oreo TV:

How to Download the Oreo TV App?

The latest version of the Oreo TV App can be easily downloaded from the website App Unload.

How to Download and Install Oreo TV for PC?

You can download Oreo TV APK easily from our website App Unload and you can install Oreo TV for PC easily with the help of BlueStacks – Android Emulator.

Who is the developer of Oreo TV?

The Oreo TV is a third-party Android application that is not available in the Google Play Store and the app was developed by some unknown person.

Why Oreo TV app is not working?

If you are facing difficulty in opening the app or loading the content inside the app then we recommend you try opening the app by installing or activating VPN.

Can I install Oreo TV APK for IOS?

No, currently Oreo TV app is available only for Android users and there’s no way you can install the Oreo TV APK to the IOS devices.

Can I open the Oreo TV app on my Smart TV?

Yes, you can easily install and open the Oreo TV app on your Smart TV just by installing the Oreo TV APK file on your Smart TV device.

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