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Sleep by Wysa is the app you should use when you’re looking to sleep soundly. If you’re looking to fall into deep sleep but aren’t able to, because of a negative idea or worry that is weighing you down insomnia mindfulness from Wysa will give you a sense of calm and provide sleep aids in the form of stories accompanied by soothing music which will help you rest better. Stories about sleep, such as bedtime stories, can help you take a deep breath, relax to ease stress, and close your eyes without difficulty. Meditation allows you to relax and rest well by using all the tools offered by this sleep-related application.

Take a break and listen to a different tale each day, and you’ll relax on your comfortable mattress. The stories of sleep are the most enjoyable stories that you can hear in the event that sleep is far from your eyes, and you’re not at your most restful. Enjoy the nostalgic comfort of bedtime tales with gentle stories of sleep for grown-ups to aid you in falling asleep.

Research has shown that keeping an evening diary will help you to relax and clear your head, which could be a great boost to your sleep. It can aid in sleeping better and fall asleep faster. Engaging in gratitude prior to going to bed can ensure you with a peaceful night’s rest and will help you wake up with a renewed energy and positive mood. After a restful night getting up can be easy with the routine for waking up in the morning of the Wysa App.

Wysa Sleep App offers various relaxing sounds and stories. You can find a variety of Stories that include sleep sounds, ocean, rain storm ambient white noise soft murmurs and nature sounds to aid in restless asleep and insomnia. The free Sleep Stories and the sound machines can assist you to enhance your sleep. Get your body in auto-sleep mode by doing couple of days of meditation, soothing sounds, or white noise. If you’re searching for the most effective sleep sound app and you’ve found the best one to get deep sleep.

Was awarded the top app of 2020 on the Google Play Store

In year 2018 & 2019 – Wysa Featured for World Mental Health Day

Helped more over 1 million persons

Make use of CBT-i for insomnia as well as journaling to help you sleep.

Note how you slept each day using Sleep tracker Wysa. To enhance your sleep cycle, power napping can be an ideal instrument. Each exercise is designed to aid sleep and help you keep you asleep. We do not claim to assist those who are prone to snoring or suffer from sleep apnea. However, there is no harm trying.

Mindfulness begins with breathing. Breathing exercises are among the least known methods to calm yourself, and is included in this app for mindfulness cost-free.

A deep sleep is good for you when sleep deprivation takes over. It is a good idea to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is an tried and tested method that has proved to be effective in treating adhd and insomnia. Do you doubt us? Test it for yourself. To get additional help you can get advice from psychologists Wysa Sleep Coaches. Coaches that can help you solve various problems related to sleep by with CBT-I. Sessions with sleep experts are designed to help you move towards better routines and ways to help you.

Check out the ways Wysa can assist you in improving your quality of sleep even when you’re at your most restful.

– Stories for bedtime to help you get you to sleep: Get a good night’s sleep with stories about sleep by Wysa

– Relieve, concentrate, and drift off to sleep by using mindfulness meditation for sleep for free

– Wysa’s sleep booster app can help you achieve better sleep and more head space

– Try the CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to finish each day with a positive note.

– Thirty coaching instruments to assist in dealing with stress Depression, Anxiety, Depression Fear, Loss, or conflict

– Wysa is the peaceful app that you’ll need to meditate and rest. It allows you to slow down to breathe and consider, which makes it a great sleep aid.

– Manage anxiety-inducing thoughts and anxiety by breathing techniques and techniques for monitoring thoughts visualization, tension relief

– Managing worry Learn mindfulness and practice breathing techniques. Utilize wysa for meditation and keep your mind at ease.

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