How to free up space on your Android Phone Internal Storage?

The most common problem faced by the majority of Android users is – ‘Your device storage is full’, This notification alerts almost every smartphone user will be viewed at some point of the stage when almost your phone storage gets increased with a lot of files.

Before we jump into the main topic let’s understand, why your Smartphone’s internal storage becomes full quickly.

The answer is very simple because of the fast and advanced growth of digital technology. In our daily life, it has become mandatory for everyone to use smartphones, without smartphones or any other digital device such as a laptop it just makes our jobs or tasks more uncomfortable and time-consuming.

In some situations, it seems like it is impossible to complete our tasks without smartphones. So this is the reason in 2024 it has become mandatory to use smartphones when you just compare today’s technology to the past 20 years back, people were just using phones for calling or delivering important messages, just only for communication.

But as day-to-day technology grows even the usage of phones also started to grow.

In today’s world, phones are not just used for communicating or calling someone, more than voice calls, it is used for video calls, messaging, chatting, sending & opening Email, Social Media posting, creating and viewing documents, photography, sharing media, booking movie tickets, ordering food, shopping online, browsing the internet, watching movies, listening to music, sending & receiving money, playing games, etc.

Now let’s quickly come into the main topic, How to free up space on your Android Phone Internal Storage?

1. Clear Cache or Junk files

The most first common problem faced in Android devices is Consuming a large amount of storage for cache files and in some cases, you might have noticed while uninstalling or deleting any application from your smartphone once it is removed you think the app has been deleted completely and your storage got freed up, but some apps always get removed by leaving unnecessary junk files which will be stored in your smartphone device storage even after the app is completely removed.

However you can’t prevent these issues in a shot, so the only solution is to clean these junk files once every week or month.

So when it comes to cleaning these junk files and caches some smartphones by default come with some preinstalled system apps that help you to clean your storage automatically.

If your smartphones don’t come with that feature then I would recommend you to install – Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone.

What does this Files app do? Well, this app is developed by Google the app name itself gives you a clear hint “Clean up space on your phone”, there are many apps available in the Play Store to delete junk files but the Files by Google app is the most trusted and recommended app by Google specially developed for android users to get rid of unwanted files.

2. Move files to an SD Card

The majority of Android smartphones come with the option of inserting an SD card i.e., external storage which is to expand your storage to increase the usage of files.

If your phone comes with this option to insert an SD card then it will help you to free up the storage of your phone more efficiently.

Just simply insert the SD card into your phone and then start exporting all your media files to the external drive. After your export is successful, not only the media files you can even export a large size of apps and games to the external drive.

By doing this you will get enough space in your phone’s internal storage and even you can avoid your phone from frequent hanging issues.

3. Delete unused Apps

When you purchase a new smartphone you would have noticed that while you switch on the phone, many apps will be installed from the Play Store by default. So this is called custom Android where just for marketing purposes some apps will be promoted from Smartphone manufacturers to the users by default.

So, however, some apps will be used regularly so that kind of apps you don’t want to uninstall which come or are installed by default, but whereas there will be some apps that you don’t even use every day and those apps will just be left or unused for a long time.

The apps and games which are not been used for a long time just have a look at them and delete some of the apps that really you don’t use, Once you remove those unused apps then your phone storage boosts up with more free space.

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